SINA has many years of experience in the design of systems engineering equipment for road, highway and rail infrastructure, consolidated through the variety and complexity of the issues addressed over the years on tens of kilometers of tunnels and, today, is able to address and solve any issue related to safety and design of all the necessary systems engineering equipment.

European Directive 2006/54/EC, transposed in Italy by Legislative Decree no. 264 of 5 October 2006, has enriched SINA's experience in a wide range of activities, from the design of improvement measures, to the development of risk analyses, assistance to operators in the preparation of emergency management plans, the planning and execution of drills required by the regulations and the definition of technical and performance specifications and the design of plant and technological equipment.

Already in the 1960s, SINA patented a longitudinal ventilation system applied in several tunnels of the national network and from 1975 it proposed methodologies and calculation methods for ventilation systems that would later be approved and adopted as a contribution also by the World Road Association (PIARC).