SINA develops the entire road design, from the definition of the typical sections to the planimetric and altimetric layout of the main sections and junctions, from the definition of the main and secondary assets to the definition of the finishing elements and those related to active safety (signaling, lighting, etc.) and passive safety (safety barriers, crash cushions, protection nets, etc.).

Strongly active in the road safety sector, SINA indicates and designs the best solutions to achieve the highest level of active road safety which, in addition to an accurate design of the route, superstructures, etc., combines integrated, technologically advanced and innovative road signaling systems, in line with the standards in force.

As far as passive road safety is concerned, SINA has developed and designed, in collaboration with the most prestigious research centers, with the former subsidiary L.I.R.A. S.r.l. and the Polytechnic University of Milan, road restraint systems, subjected to crash tests according to EN1317 standard, with CE certification.

The ASTM group is active in the sector through the highway licensees and SINA carries out a study of new restraint systems, crash-test certification and verification of barrier installation criteria with the patented "MARTE” system (‘Machine for Surveying Land Resistance’).