Road Safety Campaign

The basic idea of the campaign

The campaign is aimed at highlighting risky and good behavior that can improve road safety and traffic flow.

First of all, we tried to identify and stigmatize common misconceptions, i.e. behavior that a large portion of the population mistakenly considers safe, or at least acceptable (e.g., in the back seat without a seat belt).

The campaign is not intended to be educational or didactic. The basic idea of the campaign is to give quick, immediate messages that can be perceived at a glance by a driver who might not necessarily be attentive and informed. A campaign with quick and immediate messages, therefore a campaign in line with the trends of our days and that lends itself easily to sharing computer systems.

For this reason, it was decided to use the technique of comics, with cartoons that not only provide a message, but can be appealing and maybe even funny in the eyes of visitors to the web portal.