SINA, a design company of the ASTM Group, has been a leading player for over fifty years in the analysis, design, construction and management of new projects in the fields of road networks, telecommunications, and road and rail transportation. On September 1, 2017, SINA incorporated SINECO, a company of the same Group but operating in the field of control engineering and maintenance of large-scale transportation infrastructure.

Thanks to the acquisition of SINECO's know-how, technologies and highly specialized professionals, SINA's activities and range of services now include: Infrastructure Design - Asset Inspection - Construction Management - Safety Coordination - Industrial Applications and Safety - Laser Scanner Surveys - Research and Development - Non Destructive Technologies - Environmental Studies and Designs - Material Testing Laboratory - Environmental Monitoring and Services - Maintenance Engineering.

SINA has developed criteria and data analysis methods for the construction of infrastructure throughout the country, by means of environmental impact studies and territorial compensation, as well as monitoring and development of the involved sites. In the field of civil construction it stands out for its expertise in large-scale above-ground and underground architectural projects, integrated with important road structures. Striving for the best technical and economic solutions, SINA’s  approach to design places particular emphasis on the aspects of subsequent maintenance and management of projects to be carried out.

In addition to promoting the technical and management innovation of transportation systems by following new regulations and the construction methods of infrastructural networks, and now with the acquisition of SINECO, SINA is able to provide high-quality services and products, thanks to our continuous investment in technological development and professional expertise. Our growth has allowed us to expand and maintain our own equipment park at the highest instrumental levels and to provide continual professional training to our operators and specialized technicians.

This new ability to satisfy different needs allows SINA to identify and select current and potential customers, manage business relationships with Italian and international partners, and offer additional services in sectors and markets that complement the company's business both in Italy and abroad in these various sectors:  Roads and Highways, Airports, Rail, Cultural Heritage, Environment, Public Bodies, Companies, Utilities.

Meetings are organized with Roadway Managers, Public Administrations, Companies and Utilities to present technologies and promote services in various areas of responsibility through existing partnerships as well as further study and exploration of other geographic locations, services and markets.

SINA is a design company that now offers considerable know-how, thanks to the acquisition of SINECO, a control and maintenance engineering company of large-scale transportation infrastructure. It is also able to guarantee a great variety of services and its current activities range from the intelligent and guided management of design and construction initiatives in the field of large-scale transportation infrastructures to the control and surveillance activities of assets such as bridges, viaducts and tunnels; from the diagnostic sector with quality control of materials for the implementation of integrated systems of programmed management regarding the maintenance of road and airport pavements to the design definition of interventions aimed at the conservative restoration of infrastructure; from the management and final testing of construction work to the research and development of modern technologies.

Present on the national and international marketplace, SINA carries out market analysis to define opportunities for development and penetration of new markets in order to acquire new clients, offer new services and provide modern technologies. We also identify and select new business initiatives to expand and improve the range of services/products that we offer.