SINA carries out important safety coordination activities as a development and extension of the design activity in the construction phase where, as in the design phase, in-depth knowledge of the construction, of the existing construction methods and of those to be adopted is required.

In the specific field of safety, our company has experience that has grown along with the regulations over the years and consolidated with the acquisition of orders even in areas of traditional construction activities in the infrastructure field.

As required by the Consolidated Safety Act (Legislative Decree 81/2008), SINA exercises the following roles:

Infatti, come previsto dal testo unico per la sicurezza (dlgs 81/2008), SINA ricopre i seguenti ruoli:



  • During the design phase: assignment as safety coordinator during the design phase or coordinator for the design (CSP)
  • During execution: assignment as the safety coordinator during execution or the coordinator for execution (CSE)