Milan East bypass road

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Milan East bypass road

SERVICES: Final Design

CUSTOMER: Milano - Serravalle S.p.A.

YEAR: 2008-2011

Noise barriers at the Cologno Monzese junction.  The project involved the construction of a glazed artificial tunnel by means of a modular construction system. The system is composed of several elements, aimed at forming a sort of curved and shaped structure that runs parallel to the lanes in both directions. Depending on the degree of noise absorption required, it takes the shape of simple curved barriers of varying height and real tunnels, some open and others covered that completely enclose the highway.

The triangular mesh structure is joined onto the final section with an artificial tunnel with a prefabricated twin-tube structure.

The external surface of the tunnel is intended to be used as a green area, linking the two edges of the city and expanding of the existing park to the south.

The project is substantially developed within the boundaries of the existing highway route with some slight widening necessary, primarily to maintain the straightness of the structure and route.